Monday, 1 February 2010

Inspired Blessings

I was having a blog catch up last night and I read this fabulous blog by Jo of Daisy Chain Designs.

I, like Jo have really had the January blues, and February is never much better for me. I feel all fuggy (it is an official work in this household) and my Mojo comes in fits and starts. So reading Jo's reasons to be thankful made stop and take stock. Thank you for your post Jo it was an inspiring read and I too have listed my reasons to be thankful
* I have a happy and very healthy 5 year old son, who 6 years ago I never thought i would have
* My Husband is my best friend, he is supportive (mostly) and appreciates my unique qualities
* Our cat is very patient with our son (he was wrapped in bandages and given a thorough examination on Sunday, and he just sat and took it)
* Both of my wonderful parents are alive and very much part of our lives
* I have fabulous friends
* Kookie Designs became self sufficient in December for the very first time- woo-hoo
* I am able to be a stay at home Mummy for my Son
* The charity auctions that I coordinate are supported by fantastically gifted lampwork and jewellery artists and raise a significant amount of money for charity
* I have a new camera coming this week -yay! My old one died over Christmas I have have really missed it
* I am going to see my parents again in Cape Town for Easter, 10 days of sunshine hooray!
Have a great week and I hope the blues don't bite xxxxx


愛美 said...

happy new year 2010!!!........................................

Jo said...

I don't think that anyone has written a blog post inspired by one of mine before Mel!
I hope you have an un-fuggy February
Jo x

Laura said...

Mel - I've been emailing you about the auction until I'm blue in the face! I've got all your emails including the ones that says you're having techno troubles. I've tried sending you emails from two different addresses and this is the only way I can think of contacting you.

Do you have an alternative email address I can send my auction bead pics to? If so please email it to me.


Laura x

Mel P said...

Thanks Ladies
Laura I do not knnow what is wrong with my dang inbox, try sending it to my facebook inbox, that might work, it does for Clare.