Friday, 5 December 2008

Super Discount

Gosh I have been so disorganised recently. This whole Christmas and birthday thing has really frazzled my brain, that and the constant cold I have- the joys of having a pre-school child who generously shares everything he picks up.
I have been really busy with fare and parties. I did my first teenage making party recently which went really well. The girls were fab and made some stunning pieces.
I made a lovely ring with 2 flower beads by Laura Sparling, which is totally stunning, and sold!! In fact a necklace that I was about to recycle was sold to the same lady.
I still have not heard back about Look magazine, but they kept the ring for a few weeks so hopefully they will use it.
I have decided to run a discount on Kookie Designs and Kookie Beauty for the festive period to help with the cost of Christmas for my lovely clients. Every little helps
Well I am prepping for a fair tomorrow and it is time to collect my little cherub from school.
Have an ace weekend x