Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I feel compelled to apologise for an oversight in one of my previous blog posts. In my OH So Close blog posted on 14th February I displayed a picture of a bead set kindly donated by Caroline Cash of Crafted Gems, but neglected to credit her in the text. I am so sorry it was a complete oversight, blame me recovering from full on flu teamed with a really very poorly 5 year old, sleep deprivation and keeping everything up to date with the auction. Please accept my humble apologies Caroline and anyone else that this slight oversight affected
Have a great week xxxx


Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Mel, I know how you feel, when you wee one is poorly, you just dont concentrate on anything else. They are so needy!! I too have had a recent 'experience' - I dont know what is wrong with people these days. I thought you did a tremendous job with the auction, well done. Up definitely up for it again and hopefully so will everyone else!!

Mel P said...

Thank you Kathryn xxx