Friday, 19 February 2010

There is a fab give away on Barbara Lewis' Painting with Fire Blog pop over if you have a chance and follow her blog to wine some of these beautifull beads

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I feel compelled to apologise for an oversight in one of my previous blog posts. In my OH So Close blog posted on 14th February I displayed a picture of a bead set kindly donated by Caroline Cash of Crafted Gems, but neglected to credit her in the text. I am so sorry it was a complete oversight, blame me recovering from full on flu teamed with a really very poorly 5 year old, sleep deprivation and keeping everything up to date with the auction. Please accept my humble apologies Caroline and anyone else that this slight oversight affected
Have a great week xxxx

Pretty Shiny Things giveaway

Pretty Shiny Things is running a fab giveaway on her blog, pop over and have a squizz when you have a mo, it is dead easy to enter and a lovely givwaway. Have a super day xxx


Firstly I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in this Haiti auction, we raised a whopping £823, which I think is an amazing amount. Thank you to all of the fabulous Lampwork Artists, Jewellery Designers and Craft Designers who donated all of the fabulous goodies and thank you to everyone who bid so generously on the auction itself. We are planning, hopefully, to do another auction in October, I shall post about it nearer the time. It is half term so I am now dedicating time to my lovely 5 year old son who has been very patient (for a 5 year old) with Mummy always being on the computer. Have a super week and thank you again xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Less than 2 hours to go

We are on the count down, with less than 2 hours to go until the final bell rings. Our current total stand at an amazing £809, which is a fabulous amount. However, can we raise a little bit more? If you have yet to visit the Collective Auction page please pop over there now and place a bid. It is so easy and Haiti is such an amazing cause. Bidding closes at 8pm tonight GMT.
Have a fab evening and I will be back with the grand total tomorrow xx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Oh so close

I missed blogging yesterday, so sorry. My little boy has has this horrid tummy bug since Friday and yesterday was focused on him. The auction is going amazingly well, our current total is £715! This is such an amazing amount, but how fabulous would it be of we could reach £1000? If you have not yet had a look at the auction page please pop over and place a bid, the auction lots are beautiful with something for everyone. Today you have pictures of beautiful beads by Ray Skene, Flame and Glass,Crafted Gems, ,Keiara Wells and jewellery by Flame and Glass, AMI Designs and AmandaPanda. Enjoy and please bid xxx

Friday, 12 February 2010

Weekend Shopping

Phew this week has been a busy one. I participated in the Bead Soup Party and completely forgot that Wednesday was the reveal day, ooooops. Thankfully we had photo taking weather so I managed to get my piece pictured and blogged on time. It has been so much fun, thank you Lori for arranging it all.

The Haiti auction is still going strong but please do drop by and bid on your favourite auction lot. We have topped £600 but if we could reach £1000 to donate to Haiti that would be completely amazing. Today I am treating you to pictures of beads from Moogin, Sublime Beads,Beverley Hicklin; Lush Lampwork, Cheeky Cherub Designs' , Lazy Daisy Glass,and jewellery from Kristin Smith, Beady Pool, and KEBO Jewellery.

The icing on the cake is that I have had full on flu this week, something I have not had for year so please forgive me if my posts have been a little disjointed. Hopefully a quite weekend will help me shake it off.
Have a fab weekend and I shall post again before the auction closes on Monday xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bead Soup

I have participated in the fab Bead Soup Party that was coordinated by the fabulous Lori Anderson . My Party Partner was Nicki's Reef who sent me these beauties. I ooood and aaaaaaaaard at them, much to my son's and husband's amusement for a few days. I love the bone beads and the pearls and I tend to make quite textured jewellery and I wanted to us as many elements as I could, so after several cups of tea I came up with this design for the necklace.

I LOVED the two black acrylic pendants so I also made earrings and a key chain to go with.

Please do check out the blogs of the other party goers, and I wouyld like to sday a HUGE thank you to Lori for organising this party it has been great fun!

The Bead Soup Party People are:
1. Lori, Pretty Things
2. Mallory, For the Love of Beads
3. Terri, Blooming Ideas...You Are Here
4. Cindy, Sweet Bead Studio
5. Lorelei, Lorelei's Blog: Inside the Studio
6. Kerry, Kabs Creative Concepts
7. Erin, Treasures Found
8. Jeannette, Jeannette Blix Wire and Metal Jewelry
9. Adrienne, Adrienne Designs
10. Nan, Spirit Rattles
11. Laurel, Rue's Daftique
12. Nancy, Beading >From the Heart
13. Mary, MK's Creative Musings
14. Cassie, The Glass Beadle
15. Dot, Winchell Clayworks
16. Sharon, Sharon's Jewelry Garden
17. Lisa, Lo and Behold
18. Norma, Bead Dreams and Moonlit Fantaseas
19. Judith, Judith B.
20. Debbie, Prairie Emporium
21. Maria, Garden Path Beads
22. Susan, Kaplan Creations Jewelry and Glass Design
23. Melissa, Melissa Meman: Art, Love, Life
24. Marianna, Pretty Shiny Things
25. Lisa, Joolz by Lisa
26. Cristi, 2 If By Sea
27. Sandra, Marbella Jewelry Design
28. Maria, Greene Earth Originals
29. Barbara, Jewelry of Distinction
30. Leslie, Bei Mondi
31. Loretta, Designs by Loretta
32. Linda, Bella Bead Jewelry
33. Kathie, The Bead Cult
34. Patty, Plays With Fire
35. Nicki, Nicki's Reef
36. Anne Marie, Heart's Desire
37. Mary, Mary Harding Jewelry
38. Jayne, Mama's Got to Doodle
39. Emanda, Artemesia's Studio
40. Whitney, Whitney Lassini
41. Marcie, La Bella Joya
42. Suzann, Beadphoria
43. Jen, Jen Judd Rocks
44. Julie, Credit River Art Glass
45. Janiece, J Birds Garden
46. Kate, Organic Odysseys
47. Laurie, The Mermaid Tale
48. Michelle, My Crazy Crafty Adventure
49. Sue, Sue Beads
50. Janeen, Janeen 365
51. Nancy, The Rabbit Muse
52. Kristie, Artisan Clay
53. Regina, Regina's Writings
54. Tari, Pearl and Pebble
55. Lyn, Lyn Foley
56. Beth, Sunshine Daydreamz
57. Cathryn, Chile Cats
58. Emma, Fred Bean's Nook
59. Connie, Cetta Cheese Chatter
60. Juli, Jul's Beads
61. Julie, RockerJewlz
62. Libby, LibbyLeu and Glass Too
63. Melanie, Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
64. Katie, My Life and My Beads
65. Zuleykha, Zuleykha's Polymer Clay
66. Rekella, Me But a Little More in Depth
67. Ricki, What's New at Ricki Voges Design
68. Lisa, Lucid Moon Studio
69. Jo, Daisychain Jewellery
70. Lynette, Rock Hill Designs
71. Lynne, Island Girl's Insights
72. Chas, One Woman's Haven
73. Chas, One Woman's Haven
74. Ruthie, Rose Works Jewelry
75. Elizabeth, Turquoise Sky
76. Maire, Maire Dodd
77. Janet, Singing Woods
78. Eileen, Dorset Hill Beads
79. Julie, Miss Kitten's Jewels
80. Joann, Jo's Jewels
81. Patti, PJ Clark Designs
82. Mel, Kookie Designs
83. Erin, Every Heart Crafts
84. Dale, Flights of Fancy
85. Dee, Runako Designs


Yep, you ready it right so far, and we are not even half way through, we have £610 worth of bids on the Haiti Auction. I am totally overwhelmed by peoples generosity with both bid amounts and donations. I had another donation (the last one for this auction) yesterday , a set of beautiful bead that was added to lot 15, so please drop by and have a lookie. They were donated by Mandy@Rockpooljewels. I shall post a n update tomorrow but in the mean time enjoy these pictures. The jewellery has been donated by Jemima Lumley, Joy Funnell; Clair Wolfe Designs, Pixie Willow Designs. and Sakura

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Galloping Start

I know I don't blog for months then I am back every day. I will blog every day this week to update on the Haiti auction. We are off to a Galloping Start! I have totted up and in the first 24 hours we have a whopping £441.05 already, that is more money than we totaled from our last auction, which is fabulous news. Yesterday I had pictures of Widget and Friend donated by The Warren and Sock Monkey Suzy donated byMonkey Gang , a Bunny by DottyDaisies, a Tooth Fairy Monster by Heartfelt Handmade and an Alien Bunny byLisa of Dharmaflyer. Today I have pictures of the Shipwreck focal donated by Au clair de la lune , Coral Beads donated by c-urchin and Ix Chel donated by Clare Scott. Please do drop by and have a look at the auction lots, there are some fabulous buys. Have a great day xxxx

Monday, 8 February 2010

Fabulous People

I posted yesterday to let you know that the auction for Haiti was ready. I thought that I would share the links to all of the websites for the fabulous artists who have donated items for the auction. We have had a fab start with almost £300 worth of pledges so far, so please do drop by and bid.

The Collective are:

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Haiti Auction

Hi Lovely People
The Haiti auction page is finally ready to open for bids tomorrow (8th Feb) at 10am. I am totally overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of donations that have poured in for this auction. All of the pieces are beautiful and unique, there are 16 auction lots of either beads, jewellery or cuddlies. Please do pop over and support The Collective for this fundraiser, Haiti needs every penny that can be raised to help rebuild this beautiful country. These are my offerings to the auction.
Thank you to everyone who has donated something to be auctioned and thank you to all of you who bid
Have a super week and take care xxx

Monday, 1 February 2010

Inspired Blessings

I was having a blog catch up last night and I read this fabulous blog by Jo of Daisy Chain Designs.

I, like Jo have really had the January blues, and February is never much better for me. I feel all fuggy (it is an official work in this household) and my Mojo comes in fits and starts. So reading Jo's reasons to be thankful made stop and take stock. Thank you for your post Jo it was an inspiring read and I too have listed my reasons to be thankful
* I have a happy and very healthy 5 year old son, who 6 years ago I never thought i would have
* My Husband is my best friend, he is supportive (mostly) and appreciates my unique qualities
* Our cat is very patient with our son (he was wrapped in bandages and given a thorough examination on Sunday, and he just sat and took it)
* Both of my wonderful parents are alive and very much part of our lives
* I have fabulous friends
* Kookie Designs became self sufficient in December for the very first time- woo-hoo
* I am able to be a stay at home Mummy for my Son
* The charity auctions that I coordinate are supported by fantastically gifted lampwork and jewellery artists and raise a significant amount of money for charity
* I have a new camera coming this week -yay! My old one died over Christmas I have have really missed it
* I am going to see my parents again in Cape Town for Easter, 10 days of sunshine hooray!
Have a great week and I hope the blues don't bite xxxxx