Friday, 8 January 2010

From 33 to -3 in 24 hours!

Happy 2010 to you. I have taken a while to blog post holiday but we went from this

to this in 24 hours, which has been a tad of a shock.

We had a fab Christmas and New Year and I am definitely sold on the whole sunny Christmas thing, it was bliss.
I am hoping that the snow will bypass us this weekend so that the schools can open. Poor Leon is craving the company of little people and really wants to go back. Brian managed to get into work for this first time but the roads here in Bracknell are still a bit hairy to drive on. I cant remember having this much snow for this long before, it is so beautiful although I have to say I am ready for the thaw now. So if the schools go back on Monday then I can get back to work and get a few new designs up on the site.
Have a fabulous and safe weekend, enjoy the snow those of you who still have it and take care xxx


eve said...

Must have been a shock stepping off a plane and stepping into our lovely weather we are having, where do you go on holiday? look forward to seeing all your new designs.x

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Hope you enjoyed yourselves and your fishie survived.

I'm sorry it was cracked - I haven't forgotten, but here in NE Scotland the snow has been horrendous and haven't been able to get out. I will sort something out for you. xx

Mel P said...

Eve it was amazing, our son tried to go back into the airport so that he could go back to Granny and Grandpa is SA, saying that he is loving it now. I shall start work next week ;) xx
Kathryn, please dont worry, my parenst LOVE it , in fact they want me to order 2 more before we go back out for Easter. It looks stunning as their house has huge windows and the fishy refelcts fab colours throughout the lounge! My Hubby Loves the love token too, we all have once each (thank you for the extra Leo loves it :0) ) xx