Friday, 15 May 2009


Nicola from Sparkly Treasures has tagged me, I am dead rubbish at things like this (thanks Nicola! I tend to over inform so I will try to keep this clean and appropriate. OK here goes

8 things I am looking forward to...
1. Christmas, we are leaving on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas with my parents in South Africa, Leo will wake up on Christmas morning in the sunshine (I can hardly contain myself with excitement and we cant tell him for 6 months!)
2.Spending some of half term with my Parents in Devon
3. Leo going to big boys school in September
4. My 10th wedding anniversary in May, I can't believe it is really 10 years
5. Getting to know old school friend again as grown ups
6. Home grown veggies from the garden and BBQ'S with Rose
7. The summer holiday and mucho Legoland time
8. Getting my teeth into the new designs floating around in my head

8 things I did yesterday
1. Cleaned the house and did a tonne of washing
2. Made 2 pairs of earrings as a commission
3. Met a fab friend and let the kids romp at an indoor play area, we had tea and proper conversation
4. Got in touch with a friend from school that I have not seen or spoken to for 15 years
5. Had a whole evening and bath time alone with Leo as Brian was out on the razzle
6. Caught up with Hero's and Grays Anatomy (see above)
7. Fake Tanned my snowy white body, I am now far less reflective when the sun shines
8. Woke up at midnight to find the cat had fallen asleep on my back and he was purring very loudly whilst drooling, super!

8 things I wish I could do
1. Protect Leo from ever being bullied
2. Stop being such a worry wart (see above)
3. Say no to scrummy food, I am meant to be on a diet to raise money for Leon's pre-school, not going great!
4. Spend more time making Jewellery
5. Order bits I need without being frowned at by he who holds the bank statements
6.Spend our winters in South Africa and summer here, ahh that would be bliss
7. Be more organised, by work space is chaotic most of the time
8. Be a morning person, would help with very chatty and bright 4 year old and husband

8 shows I watch .....
1. Ashes to Ashes
2. Inbetweeners
3. Hero's
4. Greys Anatomy
5. Smallville
6. Dexter
7. Damages
8.Reggie Perring

So my 8's are done, and they are fairly in offencive. The rules for those I tag are

1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you
2. Do you lists of 8
3. Tag 8 bloggers
4. Tell them that they have been tagged, and giggle to yourself

My 8 are
1. Kathryn Lazy Daisy Glass
2. Rachel Earth and Fire Beads
3. Alison AMIDesigns
4. Big Blue Bed
5. Heather Bumpy Beads
6. Emma The Little Bead Shop
7. Ollee Ooh Miss
8. Galti Barak Jewelery Designer

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oh thanks for the tag! will have fun doing this tomorrow :D