Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Hi Ladies

Thank you all so much for pledging you beauties for charity. I am away now until next week, but I did not want to go without dropping you a HUGE thank you mail.

I have been mulling this over and have a few ideas, please let me know what your thoughts are:

- instead of auctioning on e-bay we could do it directly. Emma Ralph holds all her auctions on her site, I could set up a page for the auctions and I am happy to manage the bids and updating the page as they come in. If we send just the page link to all of our data bases we will hopefully gets lots of interest.
- -Mindy of Moogin Beads suggested tying pieces together for auction lots, which I think is a fab idea. We could create collections of beads that would normally be far too expensive to buy. We could do the same with the jewellery of sell them as separate lots
- How do you feel about calling this The Collective, I thought the name is simple and basically it is what we are
- Bead wise, if you don’t want to donate a set how about a few lonlies? I personally love lonlies as they are so versatile.

OK I have to dash, I have not finished packing yet! Mull this over and let me know what you think. I am planning to do the first auction at the end of July, is that OK for everyone.

Thank you all again

Have a really super week and take great care

Mel xxx

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