Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Getting Organised

I have finally tidied my work space, much to Brian's delight. I have put all my beads in separate glass pots (the ones you get with GU puddings, we have a frighteningly large number of them! ) Leo came into the room last night and declared that it is now like a princess treasure room, he said "are these all for me Mummy, you are so lovely" he was most put out that they are work pretties not Leo pretties. I may have to make him a necklace to placate him, he keeps asking for a purple heart creation. I am off to try Laura's cupcake recipe, the cakes look fab


Laura said...

Lovely and tidy! I have stacks of those GU jars too. In fact, one of them is my Lonelies jar.

Happy baking!

BeadyPool said...

That is really rather tidy, I hope the tidying has uncovered some yummy beads. Do you fancy popping over and tidying my mess (sorry studio) for me :) Funilly enough I to have a few GU pots - yum yum.