Thursday, 23 October 2008

Yay sold some!

I had a call from Higher Street Gallery yesterday to tell me that they have sold 1 ring and 2 necklaces a cluster and a chainmaille loveliness, I am dead chuffed! I am beavering away making some more rings to send them.I have also been booked for a craft table at an NCT Christmas do which will be ace. I did a pamper night for them last week which was crazy busy but fun in my other job, Nail Technician.So all good!Mu son is all Halloweened up today as it is fancy dress at Pre-School, so I had to make him a special scary necklace before we left this morning. Thank heavens for rubber bats!
Elbow were completely mind blowing.
Have a great week


Laura said...

Congratulations - that's ace!

Mel P said...

Thank you. I am not sure who is happier me or Bri!