Thursday, 4 March 2010

Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day everyone. It has been a really busy few weeks here and I have managed to make a few new pieces which I will photograph over the weekend and post next week, pop back in next week and I should have some pictures up.
On non jewellery related news: To celebrate WBD our son had to go into school today dressed as a character from either Wind in the Willows, Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan. Needless to say he was Peter Pan with a Tinkerbell sewn onto his shoulder and a bag of fairy dust, getting ready for school has never been to easy! No tantrums or moving at a snails pace, he was sooo excited. It was lovely to see all of the children walking in all dressed up, and the teachers too .
Our fabulous cat has to go to the Vet tomorrow, nothing major just routine injections, however our usually placid cat (I often find him wrapped in bandages or in our son's dressing up clothes patiently being examined or being put to bed) turns into s ferocious beastie. I have had to start adding a mild sedative, milk derived so he loves it, to his food to ensure the Vet is not savaged tomorrow and that I am not attacked when I try to get him out of his carrier. The result is a very snuggely and slightly sleepy kitty who I found my son pushing around in his play pushchair this morning, poor animal, he did look slightly humiliated. Our son apologised to the cat but said that as Georgie did not run away he assumed he was happy, fair comment. So here is Georgie the worlds best cat companion and the worlds worst furry patient.
Have a great day and I shall go back to jewellery posting next week xxx

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Crafted Gems said...

it was the same at my son's school except the theme was different, my son was The Enomous Crocodile, lol, but some of the costumes where amazing!!!