Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New Line

I have had quite a quiet summer as far as making jewellery goes. I decided before Leon broken up that as this is his last summer before going to big boys school, that I wanted to spend time doing lots of fun things with him. So I have only made a hand full of commissions and pieces for the gallery in Dartmouth.
School starts very soon and I am all geared up and MOJO is definitely back!
I am launching 2 new ranges on my website. Sooth me jewellery and Men's jewellery. Both will be beaded, naturally , but I am working with "from the earth and from the sea" in my head. So I am using lots of wooden beads and corals with silver and lampworks for the Men's range, and crystals for the sooth me range.

These Sooth Me necklaces have been sold before I have had a chance to lost them, plus I have had 3 more commissions. The idea behind them is the crystals used have positive properties, soothing and calming the wearer. I have made some for children as well as for adults. Leon has one, he wears it all the time, especially in the bath. His temper tantrums have not stopped, but they are shorter lived and he is calmer about change than he was. Of course this may be coincidence, but it may not! A friend of mine is a crystal guru so I have consulted before I started making them. I think that they are really pretty too! I will make some more and list them soon, or they can be made to order.
Right I am going to make muffins with my baby, thank you for reading and have a super afternoon
Mel xxxxx


AMIdesigns said...

oh can't wait to see some more of the new ranges! glad you've had such a good summer - big school is such a big step

Earth and Fire beads said...

Good luck with the new ranges Mel - I'm sure they'll do well. You make such beautiful jewellery.