Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I have been a fairly erratic blogger for the last few weeks, sorry! I have been beavering away with making bits and adding bits to the website, which is now full to gunnel's

May fav is this ring, I bought some Lavish beads from Julie at Lush Lampwork
http://www.lushlampwork.co.uk/userimages/procart6.htm , which are stunning and made the ring with one of them along with lashings of semi-precious stones and pearls. I do love it.
I had such a lovely week last week, lovely Laura sent me a stunning pressy which I shall blog about tomorrow as I need to take some pictures. Her beads are sooo lovely, she has some up far grabs tonight at 8:30 have a squizz if you can .
I also had a gift from Jena at Kanna Glass studio , a challenge set of bead, which I am really excited about. I shall get working on the challenge next week and post pictures then
Right bed time for Leo so I'm off for story time and snuggles. Have a great week and let me know what you think of the new bits if you get a mo, any feedback welcome (as long as it is kind ;) )
Mel xx


AMIdesigns said...

I love the ring! Great colours

Mel P said...

Julie's beads are beautiful the golds are so rich. Thank you xxx