Saturday, 4 April 2009

Feather Tastic!

Urg it has been a bit of a tough week this week. I have had a bit of an ME reappearance, which was a shock to the system as I have not had one for years. Anyhoo I ploughed through it.
Leo had an Easter Spectacular at Pre-School yesterday that I been working on. It was a fundraiser and went really well. Leo and I have spent a couple of hours (quite a feat for a 4 year old) making his feathertastic top hat creation which he won a prize for. He was dead proud of himself, and told the judge when asked; that he had made it himself with a little bit of help, but the table at home is now covered in lovely feathers. It ended with 20 sugar filled children roaring around the hall thoroughly enjoying themselves.
I have managed to make a few pairs of earrings this week, but the ME seems to have drained some of my jewellery making Mojo. I have the house to myself today so I am planning to get a few bits done and then I think I will have a lie down to try to recharge my batteries and Mojo!!
I have taken these picks au-natural, no light tent, what do you think?


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Congrats to your son (well, really to you!) and these are lovely earrings - I especially like the yellow bead ones and have been puzzling whether the beads are free inside the cage?
Kristin :)

Crafted Gems said...

congratulations to your son, thats a long time for a 4year old, mine wouldn't make anything for that long, lol

Mel P said...

Thank you Ladies
The Amber beads are fixed inside the silver cage Kirstin. They are dead pretty, I may have to make some for me:)

BeadyPool said...

Gorgeous new earrings - I love the little flowers.