Friday, 30 April 2010

PMC Tips Giveaway last day

Nicola from PMC Tips has a fabulous giveaway finishing today. You have a chance to win one of these beautiful charms plus a extra something, whizz over today of you can to enter and see some of Nicola's amazing work .
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Flame Off

Get me 2 posts in 2 days!
Well the weather has been soo lovely today I grabbed the opportunity to take some pics. Here are the bits that I made whilst at Flame Off this weekend. It was my first time attending and we had a fabulous time. My friend and I attended the Sliver Clay workshop with Lesley Messam which was great. I made this oval pendant and the disk earrings which actually look lovely on. It was my first step into the Art Clay world and I loved it. I am now all fired up to start making bits at home with the kit my fabulous Hubby bought me for Christmas.
One a less successful note, the wobbly beads shown are the ones that I made. In my defence it was my very first time at the flame and I am not blessed with the co-ordination required to turn my hand ssslllooowwwwllllyyy and steadily away from me and not over heat the glass (shan't be doing that for a living then !) On a positive note I now have an even deeper respect for Lampwork Artists. Lovely Emma Green helped my friend and I without once yelling "are you deaf or just totally malco-ordinated?"
Have a great week xx

Monday, 19 April 2010

End of the Hols

I have been AWOL and I am sorry. We were away in Cape Town for Easter, which was sooo lovely. It has been non stop play dates and Legoland since we have been home with a stop over by my parents en route from CT back to their UK home thrown in. We are all rested and ready to get back into the swing of school/ me working on some new designs and my poor Hubby has been back at work for a week already. I did manage to go to Flame Off on Saturday with my lovely friend and we had a ball, I shall post some pics of my creations later in the week. Needless to say that I am not a natural Lampwork artist, although my friends bead were beautiful, my art clay creations were far more wearable. So these pics are of a sunny happy Easter Holiday spent in the sunshine. Have a great week and I promise relevant jewellery news soon xx