Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New Line

I have had quite a quiet summer as far as making jewellery goes. I decided before Leon broken up that as this is his last summer before going to big boys school, that I wanted to spend time doing lots of fun things with him. So I have only made a hand full of commissions and pieces for the gallery in Dartmouth.
School starts very soon and I am all geared up and MOJO is definitely back!
I am launching 2 new ranges on my website. Sooth me jewellery and Men's jewellery. Both will be beaded, naturally , but I am working with "from the earth and from the sea" in my head. So I am using lots of wooden beads and corals with silver and lampworks for the Men's range, and crystals for the sooth me range.

These Sooth Me necklaces have been sold before I have had a chance to lost them, plus I have had 3 more commissions. The idea behind them is the crystals used have positive properties, soothing and calming the wearer. I have made some for children as well as for adults. Leon has one, he wears it all the time, especially in the bath. His temper tantrums have not stopped, but they are shorter lived and he is calmer about change than he was. Of course this may be coincidence, but it may not! A friend of mine is a crystal guru so I have consulted before I started making them. I think that they are really pretty too! I will make some more and list them soon, or they can be made to order.
Right I am going to make muffins with my baby, thank you for reading and have a super afternoon
Mel xxxxx

Thursday, 20 August 2009

New Lampwork Beads

There is a new Lampwork artist in Town! Anna from Guineafish has started making her won lampworks to sell. She has been making beautiful jewellery for 3 years, and decided to train to make her own lampwork beads. She has taken courses at the International Glass Centre in the West Midlands and has now set up her own home studio allowing her lots more time at the torch! Check out her site , her beads are FAB!

More Kookie news after the weekend, we have been flat out since coming back from Anglesey, I have attached a picture of the blissful place.
Have an ace week xxxx

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Kanna Glass Studios

I have been really laxed about blogging lately, I do apologies but we have been so busy/poorly! I have had 3 school fairs, which went really well, to my surprise. I made a fete range, items for a few pounds aimed at kids/teens and they went down really well.
I have also been making jewellery for a lovely client of mine in the USA, she buys beads and sends them to me to make jewellery. I have had a great time making them bits for her, I will post pictures later.
Right to the subject of this post. Lovely Jenn of Kanna Glass Studios ran a challenge a while ago and a set of beautiful beads arrived through my door. I have made this bracelet with them. Jenn's beads are really lovely. Check out her site if you have a mo.
Have a super week xxxx


Nicola from Murano Silver is hosting a fab give away, pop over and check it out if you can. It is a collection of ace beads ideal for a budding jewellery designer